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kavyitri Tishya Shree

Dr Tishya Shree

Dr Tishya Shree is one of the youngest kavyatri who become the sensation in the country. Tishya Shree is the poetess of ‘Shringar Ras’. She is becoming the first choice of many Kavi Sammelan Organizers. Dr Tishya Shree is born and brought up in Bihar and has that flavour of Bihar in her poetry.

Kavyatri Tishya Shree has various dimensions in her poetry. She writes in Shringar Ras and Hasya Ras as well. Kavyatri Tishya Shree’s spontaneity and Satire skills are amazingly effective in keeping the audience engaged. Her audience drenches in love and affection with her love poetry. Her melodious voice, effective performance and mesmerizing aur fills the stage with charm. If you want to listen to the new voice of the generation then do book a kavi sammelan with kavyatri Tishya Shree.

To Invite kavyitri Tishya Shree for Kavi Sammelan
Please Contact Number- +917217874767 / +91-9910453386

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