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Shambhu Shikhar at Kavi Sammelan in USA

International Hindi Association is organising a series of Kavi Sammelan – a unique poetic performing art, by engaging three out of the top five kavi in India, including legend of laughter Kavi Arun Gemini, popular Haasy kavi Shambhu Shikhar, and Shayara Mumtaz Naseem.

Starting from 12th April in Dallas, this series of Kavi Sammelan is scheduled in 24 different cities in USA, including New York, San Jose, Houston, Washington DC and other cities in USA having large audience from Hindi heartland.

The 3 million NRI community in USA are always eager to welcome the top five kavi in India with utmost warmth, love and affection. This series of Kavi Sammelan is a fresh breath of art, literature, and culture for the Indians living in United States. The engagement and enthusiasm of NRI youngsters are unprecedented. Kavi Sammelan booking is house full in each of these cities.

‘Certainly it is a great entertainment for our NRI community in USA, but I also take it as an opportunity for promotion and propagation of Hindi and its literature amongst our Hindi speaking families living in USA. It is responsibility of artists like us to seed the interest amongst the next generation about the beauty of Hindi literature”

– Hasya Kavi Shambhu Shikhar

In the realm of Kavi Sammelan, few names resonate as powerfully as kavi Arun Gemini, Hasya Kavi Shambhu Shikhar, and Shayra Mumtaz Naseem. Renowned for their contributions to Kavi Sammelans, these top five kavi in India has carved a unique niche for themselves. Their recent tours across the United States have not only entertained but also connected the Indian diaspora with the cultural essence of their homeland.

Widely known as Bihari Kavi, Hasya Kavi Shambhu Shikhar is getting a lot of attention and affection from the Bihari community in these US cities. His performances are characterized by a lively atmosphere, with audiences frequently erupting in laughter and applause.

Kavi Sammelan has a long-standing tradition in India, providing a platform for poets to showcase their unique blend of talent in literature and performance.

These events are not only about laughter and joy, but also serve as a mirror to society, reflecting and critiquing social norms and political landscapes through the lens of humour. In the United States, these gatherings have found a special place among the Indian community. They offer a taste of home and a moment of nostalgia for many expatriates. The laughter and camaraderie shared during these events help reinforce cultural bonds and provide a sense of community far from home. Apart from Kavi Sammelan events, NRI community is spending a lot of time meeting and greeting these Kavi (Poets).

The success of these events can be attributed to the meticulous efforts of Kavi Sammelan organizer in the USA, who play a crucial role in bringing together the top five poets in India, ensuring that each event is a vibrant celebration of Indian literary traditions. 

Their efforts not only facilitate cultural exchange but also give a global platform for poets like Kavi Arun Gemini, Hasya Kavi Shambhu Shikhar, and Shayara Mumtaz Naseem in reaching a broader audience. Such events are clear indicators that the future of kavi Sammelan is bright

Through their performances at these Kavi Sammelan, they are not only entertaining, but also bridging the cultural gaps, reminding expatriates of their roots while providing a platform for laughter and reflection. As these events continue to grow in popularity, the legacy of Kavi Sammelan will undoubtedly inspire future generations to appreciate and celebrate Indian literature, poetry, and art.

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