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Kavi Aman Akshar

Aman Akshar

Aman Akshar

Kavi Aman Akshar is one of the most famous young poets and lyricists of today’s era.Aman Akshar got his pen name’Akshar’ by the renowned poet Dr. Kumar Vishwas. Kavi Aman Akshar is known for his poems, love songs, and compositions written on Lord Ram”सारा जग है प्रेरणा प्रभाव सिर्फ राम हैं,
भाव सूचियां बहुत हैं भाव सिर्फ राम हैं”. He has shared the stage of Kavi sammelan with all the great poets of the country such as Gopal Das Neeraj, Kunwar Bechain, Kumar Vishwas, and Bal Kavi Bairagi.

When kavi Aman Akshar recites his poems in Kavi sammelans his melodious voice make listeners emotionally involved and simply keep listening to his poems. Kavi Aman Akshar’s songs and poems are deeply emotional and touch the heart.

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