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Kavi Kamal Agney

Kamal Agney has become the voice of youth by his Veer Ras poetries. Kavi Kamal Agney primarily known for reciting poems of veer ras which include subjects like the nation, the army, and the glory of great personalities of the country. However, even in the presentation of Veer Ras kavita, kavi Kamal Agney continue to evoke humor. Rich in versatile talent, Kamal Agney is rapidly gaining fame in the field of Kavi sammelan in a very short time. He ensures the transmission of all flavors of poetry to the public. With humorous parodies that mesmerized listeners, Kavi Kamal Agney has consistently garnered fans of Hindi poetry throughout the country. Kavi Kamal Agney, who resides in Delhi but encapsulates the culture of Lucknow and the humour, sweetness of Awadh, is frequently invited to various TV channels across the country for his wonderful poetry. Amidst the cascade of rhythms and couplets, Kamal Agney’s humorous style adds a delightful touch to his presentations, making them extremely enjoyable.
So, without any delay book a kavi sammelan with Kavi Kamal Agney and enjoy the young voice of India.

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