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Kavi Priyanshu Gajendra


Kavi Priyanshu Gajendra who comes from a small village Bahabanki, Uttar Pradesh is famous for his poetry which is based on love with a special touch of Hasya( Humour). Hasya kavi Gajender Priyanshu gain his popularity while reciting ‘ नागफनियों के शहर में फूलों का व्यापार मेरा’ and ‘सिया तेरा अभिशापित है राम’. Hasya kavi Gajender Priyanshu has an outstanding manner of recitation of his poems that will lead you in the world enriched with laughter and joy. Not only is his manner of recitation fascinating but also his punches on love, politics and on current incidents makes the audience Lough a louder. Kavi Gajendra Priyanshu has become the first choice in the world of hasya kavi sammelan. People use to invite Kavi Gajendra Priyanshu on various occasions and functions to organize a memorable hasya kavi sammelan. While listening to Kavi Gajendra Priyanshu, one major thing each one of us notices that Kavi Gajendra Priyanshu leaves a recognizing and incredible imprint on our hearts.
If you also want organise a kavi sammelan which includes Shirangar Ras with a flavour of Hasya Ras then Hasya Kavi Priyanshu Gajendra will be the best choice for it.
Book a Hasya kavi sammelan with Gajender Priyanshu and make your event a lifelong memorable one.

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Please Contact Number- +917217874767 / +91-9910453386

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