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Shambhu Shikhar, one of the most popular hasya kavi of our country

Shambhu Shikhar the bihari kavi

Shambhu Shikhar, one of the most popular Hasya Kavi of our country, is being the synonym of laughter these days. Shambhu Shikhar directly comes from Madhubani (Bihar) and now the entire country is proud of the emerging star of this era. You can catch him on TV shows, radio broadcasts, print media and even much more easier on youtube.

Hasya Kavi Shambhu Shikhar is also engaged with articles, poems and satires that are regularly being published in various newspapers and magazines. A sociopolitical magazine ” Sopan-Step” has a regular column for Shambhu Shikhar.

You can enjoy the poetry of Shambhu Shikhar over many TV channels like Doordarshan, NDTV, Aajtak, Star One, SAB TV, Jain TV, Jansandesh, Dabang etc. More than 1000 Kavi Sammelan have tasted the flavour of kavita of Shambhu Shikhar. You can also enjoy Shambhu Shikhar live on 94.3 My FM in his program ” Idhar, Udhar Aur Shikhar” in 32 cities of India.

Apart from hasya kavita, Shambhu Shikhar has penned down other genres also. “Sham dhali hai chand abhi nikla nikla…” is a perfect example of romanticism by Shambhu Shikhar. Different quarlets(muktak) composed by Shambhu Shikhar are earning more and more fame in youth also. “Mehfil mein kabhi siskiyaan…” is one of the highest rated muktak of Shambhu Shikhar.

Anyone and everyone can easily book Shambhu Shikhar for Hasya Kavi Sammelan on various occasions. If you also want to fill in the colours of joy, happiness and much more laughter in your business parties, family functions, marriage ceremony, fest and celebrations in your institution, do click on www.kavisammelankavi.com

Go ahead and enjoy Hindi Kavita and Hasya Kavi Sammelan with the most entertaining hasya kavi of the modern time Shambhu Shikhar.